понеделник, 25 юни 2012 г.

Билетите за Олимпийски игри Лондон 2012

Билетите за Олимпийски игри Лондон 2012 са в ярки цветове с максимална защита срещу фалшифициране, бар код и холограма. London-2012-Olympic-ticket-designs
Calling all design lovers! The new London 2012 Olympic ticket designs have just been unveiled. Interpublic’s brand consultancy Futurebrand incorporated pictograms designed by Someone into the tickets. They also color coded them according to venue. To reduce counterfeiting, a hologram, a barcode and the name of the booker will be printed on the ticket. Love the bright colors! What are your thoughts on the design?

Олимпийски игри 2012 в Лондон

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